Time Tracking App helps in keeping productivity at the highest level.

Productivity leads to greater effort, and greater effort leads to more work done, so it is important to maintain high productivity levels during working hours. For example, if you’re trying to improve productivity, you can time track your typical work day, and analyze how you’ve spent your time. After viewing a time tracking report of your day, you can prioritize better, create better schedules, and gain motivation to be more productive.

You can prioritize projects

Your team can easily see the estimated number of hours for each stage of a project and exactly where that project is in the pipeline. Visibility and accountability in one neat system. Time Tracking App helps you gain a better insight on how you spend your time, so you can prioritize better.

Freelancers use Time Tracking App to

  • Show their clients proof, in the form of reports, that they did the assigned work
  • Record all idly spent time so they can minimize distractions and procrastination while working from home
  • Boost productivity by setting deadlines for micro-tasks within a project
  • Create better estimates for future projects by analyzing the time it normally takes to finish projects
  • Keep track of their billable hours so they can invoice clients and analyze whether they’re profitable

In short, by tracking time, freelancers can:

  • Bill clients accurately
  • Better evaluate project costs
  • Improve productivity
  • Understand work limitations

-Also companies who use Time Tracking App:

  • Are aware of the amount of workload they can take on within a certain time period
  • Are aware of their team’s productivity levels
  • Can better estimate deadlines and expenses

-Time Tracking App can help managers get all data they need, in order to control the listed points. Time tracking data provides different benefits to different types of managers:

  • Project managers

      Time Tracking App helps make paperwork and supervising easier
  • Corporate managers

      Time Tracking App helps make it easier to oversee project costs, 
      deadlines and employees
  • Account managers

      Time Tracking App helps improve the company's relationship with clients

Even businesses who don’t work with clients, but are interested in the overall efficacy, track time to help asses their productivity levels.Time Tracking App will help employees evaluate how they spend their working hours, and help motivate them to be more productive and better organize their time.

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